What To Expect In Each Session?

Initial Consultation

During your first visit, I will conduct a detailed assessment of your health concerns and history (including medications, hereditary disposition and injuries), lifestyle, diet and exercise routines, emotional and relationship factors, etc. The evaluation will also include a diagnostic of your pulse, tongue, and questions and calculations based on your birth data in order to determine your body constitution and ascertain the root cause of your imbalance(s). I will then create a customized wellness plan that may incorporate any of the following: Ayurvedic treatments, herbal remedies, recommended diet and lifestyle alterations, Chi Nei Tsang, yoga postures, meditation (heart-based meditation) and breathing techniques. 

  • For Ayurveda the first consult is 1.5-2 hours. Follow-up appts, which are recommend & required to  provide support, to tweak diet, herbs, reread the pulse etc, are 1 hour.
  • If it’s strictly CNT the session will last 1-1.5 hours, with some additional time for intake on the first appointment.

Distance healing

An established meditation practice, my own commitment to health, connecting to the spiritual heart, and my intuitive gifts are the foundation of this type of work. The techniques used are Reiki distance healing, and an Ayurvedic method called ‘Ritam’, using mantra, visualization, intention. I work more as a channel/transmitter of the divine intelligence to support the healing capacity of the receiver to respond. 
I ‘send’ healing after my own meditation practice, either morning or later in the day. I offer short sessions once or twice a day over a 7 day period, to build a flow of positive healing energy. All that is required is the willingness to receive.  The effect will range from subtle to the more obvious, for example:  increased confidence in being able to manage life’s stresses, responding with more love and compassion to self and others, feeling a deep sense of calm or peace, feeling more enthusiastic about one’s life, as well as improved physical symptoms and vitality.

Animal Communication

Done at a distance working from a clear photograph of your pet, eyes clearly visible. I receive information about the animal’s physical/emotional/spiritual state. I send healing as needed. I will phone you after I receive information. It can take more than one try to connect with an animal; just as we often take time to get to know someone and open up, we also need to build trust with our animal friends. It can take a day up to a week to complete a communication. In more urgent situations I do everything possible to connect quickly. These sessions are not meant to replace veterinary care. 

Follow Up Visits

During subsequent treatments, the frequency and length of which will be determined by your particular situation, I will reassess your condition and modify the wellness plan as needed.


  • As all treatments are customized, please call for rates.
  • Payment methods: Cash, Cheque or E-transfer
  • Cancellation Policy: 24 hours