Does Animal Communication Really Work? 

Animal communication and healing - pet communication

Animal Communication and distance healing for pets really works, though not always in the
way we expect. We humans too often assume that what is important to us and for us, and how
things should be is the same for our animal companions and other animals. Animals have
feelings, a purpose and so on, just as we do but when we communicate clearly with our pets –
with any animal – we are often amazed to learn what they are thinking and feeling, and what is
important to them.
I am a voice for the animals. I do not edit what they tell or show me, and my intention is always
to hear and understand their message clearly, and be their advocate. To do this it is important
to listen with the heart – which is also ‘how’ animal communication works.
Animal communicators fine tune their intuition, and we train and practice, as with any skill. With
animal communication unconditional love is vital; we communicate heart to heart. Love heals
all, and truly brings us together; pure love is powerful being words.

Why try animal communication?

People approach me to communicate with their pets for several reasons. It could be a health
issue, behavioural, or a change has occurred or will occur and a guardian is concerned how it
may affect their pet. It could curiosity; nothing is really ‘wrong’, but a guardian has a growing
sense of needing a deeper connection with their pet. Or it can be because something is wrong
and nothing else has worked. Animal communication can be helpful in lost animal cases. And
communicating with animals who have passed brings a deeper perspective and healing to
what is often a very sad, at times traumatic event.
Having to make the decision for extensive treatment or to euthanize is often very difficult.
Animal communication can bring great benefit, comfort, understanding, and peace in these
Many of our pets come into our lives for a certain purpose and animal communication is an
excellent way to explore this.
When an animal has passed into spirit it is often helpful for their guardians to hear what their
pets have to say, for they may have an important insight about their passing. Further, it is an
opportunity for the guardian to pass a message to or ask questions of their pet. Animals do not
have the same issues with dying as people do, being unidentified with their physical form, and
they experience dying as a natural event. Messages they have for us often go beyond bringing
us comfort from the connection itself for many times deep wisdom or messages are shared.
Communicating with a pet even years after their death can also be healing. Forms change, but
spirit is ‘energy’ that continues on.

The Simple Magic of Clear Communication

Many times giving our pets the opportunity to be heard, to have someone truly listen and
connect, is enough to bring positive change: the animal calms, self-regulates, the situation
resolves. Just as we appreciate and feel validated when we are heard, providing our pets with a
voice and acting on their concerns shows our love for them, and this itself is powerful.
Healing for the animal often occurs as a shift in behaviour because a correction has been made
about something happening that they are unhappy with, or feel confused/concerned about,
such as a change in the household (new pet, move, etc). One of my cats started to have
constipation. He would make a big deal about going to the box, walking around it and so on. I
asked him about this. He showed me 2 pictures – one of his litter box as it was, with just the
litter in it, and the other with the litter he preferred and him using it! He disliked the litter I had
been buying so much that he was delaying using it leading to constipation. He showed me
exactly the kind of litter he wanted, and with a simple change the situation improved!
As an animal communicator I know that diet is often an issue for pets and for their humans.
Imagine not being able to communicate that you don’t like your food – it’s not satisfying, tasty,
nutritious, fresh – whatever – and you get that food day in and day out. Imagine believing you
are giving your pet good food only to watch your pet walk away from the dish, or act bored, or
not feel well, or raid the garbage, steal food off the table.…! When we hear directly from the
animals we can trust this comes from the knowledge they have of their own bodies. Diet and
health are intertwined and greatly affect behaviour, and food and treats are meant to be
enjoyable as well as health-giving for our animal companions.

Distance Healing for Animals

Animal communication and healing - dog communicationMany times the animals themselves will request healing from me. They seem to know I can
offer this, and I send distance healing to the animal as requested. I am able to do hands on
healing as well but distance healing allows the animal to be in their own familiar space and
flows naturally from an animal communication session.
Animal communicators train to scan the body for areas of blockage, pain, imbalance, and the
information gleaned may assist the care they receive from a veterinarian (though we do not
diagnose or replace this care). There are times we can pick up on something that is not
detected by a vet and providing that information can assist the vet to explore further.
Intuition and the subtle healing arts are often ‘proven’ in the results, and for me, I have come to
trust what I do more and more, with every animal I meet and help. It is greatly satisfying to be
able to help the guardians understand their pets and from that to know what action to take.
Interspecies communication truly benefits us all.

Love is Everything

A wee dog recently communicated a lot about love to me, that love is the most important thing.
He told me “Humans usually have a hard time receiving love”. He told me his guardian’s
deepest wish was to have this heart to heart communication and he told me how she might do
this: to sit in silence with another, in a state of true communion, and that this silence and
communion, of sitting with another without agenda, being present, leads to union and
ultimately to divine bliss. This is what the heart yearns for. He was asking that she be with him
this way. He wanted her to experience her heart’s deepest desire.
Yes, animal communication works. It is the path of love, and that path holds beauty, surprise,
healing. Open to the heart, and discover what is within.