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Does Animal Communication Really Work?

Does Animal Communication Really Work?  Animal Communication and distance healing for pets really works, though not always in the way we expect. We humans too often assume that what is important to us and for us, and how things should be is the same for our animal companions and other animals. Animals have feelings, a purpose and so on, just as we do but when we communicate clearly with our pets – with any animal – we are often amazed to learn what they are thinking and feeling, and what is important to them. I am a voice for the

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Vata, dosha of space and air

Vata, dosha of space and air Welcome to this blog about Ayurveda, nature and healing! The cycles of nature, seen in one way in the change of seasons, seen in the travel of sun, moon and other luminary bodies, are often viewed as an outer phenomenon. ‘In here’, within us there too is always change, always movement. Large movements, subtle movements. We breathe in, we breathe out. We do not live unless there is movement. It has been a long while since I lived near water. I walked the shore of the lake today, and listened to the waves, and

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