Vata, dosha of space and air

Welcome to this blog about Ayurveda, nature and healing!

The cycles of nature, seen in one way in the change of seasons, seen in the travel of sun, moon
and other luminary bodies, are often viewed as an outer phenomenon.
‘In here’, within us there too is always change, always movement.
Large movements, subtle movements. We breathe in, we breathe out. We do not live unless
there is movement.
It has been a long while since I lived near water. I walked the shore of the lake today, and
listened to the waves, and the wind, and the rain….all of this moving. I looked in awe at the
stones on the shore, each one unique. Water washing over the stones brought out their beauty,
and was a music.
The quality of movement belongs to Vata. The precious joy of vata, of breath, of the movement
of light over water, of water over stone, of having the space to manifest what inspires us (to
create), this is vata.
I have had to put attention lately to pacify vata, because I have just moved here, because that in
itself is ungrounding. And so I have enjoyed a bit more honey, brown rice and yams, cheese.
I place awareness on the rocks, on the ground beneath my feet, on the stability of the tile and
wood floor, and this helps. Earth.
My own constitution is mainly vata, and so I have to put attention on grounding vata every day,
but this move created a bigger challenge. So – more sleep, holding to routine, abhyanga – these
help pacify vata. Calming yoga poses for the nervous system, standing poses.
Anchoring spirit, breath, mind, wind down and into the body, not to stay, but to move down while
nourishing, and then out.
There really is no end point. There is no end point of balancing the elements within us. It is
ongoing, because there is always movement, like day to night, summer to Fall. This is natural.
Breath is moving in, breath is moving out.
Where is your attention? Is it on the breath? Is it on the breath as it moves through your nose,
throat, expands your chest? The structure of nose, throat, chest all provide vata with a purpose,
with a beautiful containment and focus. And so we have breath nourishing our whole being. And
better yet when we are aware of it! Better yet when we are aware of spirit moving through our
very being, in our physical form. Our body providing a purpose, a home, for spirit, and spirit
enlivening our body.