Where Ancient Wisdom Meets the Modern World

Life is often demanding and stressful. Every day we are subjected to challenges, toxins and stresses that put tremendous strain on our mental, physical and psychological wellbeing. Five Petals was established with the purpose of restoring balance to the mind- body-spirit connection. Without such harmony, our health deteriorates.


That all people connect to their inner selves in order to experience happiness and balance in their lives.


To help my clients enjoy greater health and happiness by sharing knowledge and tools from which they can build a foundation for true health.

Why Try Five Petals?

While virtually all therapies have benefits, many modalities (chiropractic, physiotherapy, western medicine, etc.)  treat parts of the physical and thus approach the client solely from that perspective. Accordingly, these alone are often not effective in treating chronic illness and usually do not recognize or address how emotions, thought patterns and beliefs, and the subtle energy body affect one’s health.

I take a client-centric approach. As a holistic health practitioner I integrate knowledge of western health promotion with traditional eastern (Ayurveda, Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki/Energy Healing, Heart based meditation) techniques and wisdom to address a wide range of health imbalances. Each person is unique, comprised of a mind, body and spirit. Illness results when any one or more of these three are weakened or compromised.  Therefore each treatment must be individualized to the needs of the patient. Through a combination of bodywork, herbal remedies, Ayurvedic psychology, nutritional and lifestyle changes, etc., we look to bring the whole person back into balance. Only then can real healing occur and optimal health be achieved.  I can work with other modalities to enhance and complement treatment that clients may currently be undergoing.

Ayurveda Shuswap Salmon Arm BC

Benefits of Ayurveda, Organ detox (Chi Nei Tsang) and Energy Healing

Depending on the client, my treatments aim to:

  • Help relieve chronic pain (neck, back, shoulders, etc) by addressing blockages/toxins in the tissues and energy flow.
  • Address the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the patient in order to reduce anxiety and stress and promote relaxation.
  • Enhance the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which in turn enhances immunity and energy.
  • Improve breathing and digestion/elimination, to flush out internal toxins and “blockages” that restrict the functioning of the body’s vital organs and the flow of energy overall.
  • Connect clients to their own inner wisdom by developing their intuition.
  • Help clients develop healthy routines that are a foundation for health.